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Stand up pouch cap mould
  • Stand up pouch cap mould
  • Stand up pouch cap mould
  • Stand up pouch cap mould

Stand up pouch cap mould

Spout Cap
The nozzle bag is a new beverage and jelly packaging bag developed on the basis of the stand-up bag.
The structure of the nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand-up bag. The structure of the stand-up pouch is the same as that of the ordinary four-sealed stand-up pouch, but composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The suction nozzle part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth with a suction tube. The two parts are closely combined to form a beverage package that supports smoking, and because it is a flexible package, there is no difficulty in sucking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal new beverage packaging.

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    The biggest advantage of spout bags over common packaging forms is portability. The mouthpiece bag can be easily put into a backpack or even a pocket, and it can be reduced in size as the contents are reduced, making it more convenient to carry. Soft drink packaging on the market is mainly in the form of PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags, and cans. Today, with the increasingly obvious homogenization competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. The nozzle bag combines the repeated packaging of PET bottles and the fashion of composite aluminum paper bags. At the same time, it also has the incomparable advantages of traditional beverage packaging in terms of printing performance. Due to the basic shape of the stand-up bag, the display area of the nozzle bag is obvious. Larger than a PET bottle, and better than a package such as a Tetra Pillow that cannot stand. Of course, since the nozzle bag belongs to the category of flexible packaging, it is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated beverages, but it has unique advantages in fruit juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly foods, etc.

    Nozzle cap 
    Processing by food grade HDPE ,HDPP and other raw material , heat resistance ,touching and feel comfortable ,convenient rotation ensure quality standards.
    Products non-toxic ,tasteless ,high resistance ,combined with the bag sealing, through sealing can be widely used to contain a  variety of liquids  and powder . 
    Products : such as drinks ,jelly cool ,fresh milk, yogurt,  soy milk ,sauce , laundry detergent and daily chemical product and so on.

    Mould cavity

    8cavity ,16cavity,24cavity,32cavity,48cavity

    Insert material

    Cavity : S136,   Hardness :47-50°  ;

    Core:H13 ,Hardness 47-50 °;

    Core surface need nitriding or QPQ treatment  It is according to the mould parts hardness request ,after treatment the surface hardness around 60-90 °

    Mould plate material

    P20  718  S136  according to clients request

    Runner type

    Cold runner / hot runner , according to clients request

    Hot runner system

    The temperature difference under controlling within1difference it makes sure that the raw material cannt be burnt inside of hot runner. the wastage will be kept less than 1% .   

    Hot runner made by our own factory.You also can choose YUDO,SINO,HUSKY or other famous brand hot runner system as your choice.We have cooperation with all the hot runner system supplier.                                                                                     

    Mould spare parts

    8 cavity : 1 set spare parts  ; 16 cavity :2 sets spare parts;…….


    1year or 1million shots

    Mould package

    Wooden box

    Mould  delivery time


    Plastic cap mould features
    1、Mold ranges from 1cavity to 48cavities.
    2、Standard interchangeable components with fine polishing ,high hardness and anti-corrosion to make assure mold’s high precision and good quality.
    3、All of parts are manufactured by CNC equipments.
    4、High performance hot runner system ensures uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities.
    5、Special designed water hoses eliminate leakage and well cooling system will improve production efficiency.
    6、mould base electroplating with chrome , effective against rust and corrosion within 3 years.

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