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Lotion pump mould
  • Lotion pump mould

Lotion pump mould

liangdian mold factory is China professional pump spray mould maker , lotion pump mould ,shampoo pump mould , shampoo pump spray mold , , bath liquid pump mould , bath liquid pump spray mold , cosmetic pump spray mould.

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    Mould name

    Pump spray mould

    Neck  SIZE

    18mm pump spray  20mm pump spray ,24mm pump srpay ,28mm pump spray

    Mould cavity

    8cavity ,16cavity,24cavity,32cavity,48cavity

    Insert material

    Cavity : S136,   Hardness :47-50°  ;

    Core:H13 ,Hardness 47-50 °;

    Core surface need nitriding or QPQ treatment  It is according to the mould parts hardness request ,after treatment the surface hardness around 60-90 °

    Mould plate material

    P20  718  S136  according to clients request

    Runner type

    Cold runner / hot runner , according to clients request

    Hot runner system

    The temperature difference under controlling within1difference it makes sure that the raw material cannt be burnt inside of hot runner. the wastage will be kept less than 1% .   

    Hot runner made by our own factory.You also can choose YUDO,SINO,HUSKY or other famous brand hot runner system as your choice.We have cooperation with all the hot runner system supplier.                                                                                     

    Mould spare parts

    8 cavity : 1 set spare parts  ; 16 cavity :2 sets spare parts;…….


    1year or 1million shots

    Mould package

    Wooden box

    Mould  delivery time


    The mainly material and each material hardness

    Material                           p20            718H         2738H        H13           S136         NAK80

    Hardness                       33-37           33-38         36-40       47-50         47-50        34-40

    LIANGDIAN MOULD is a supplier ,manufacturer ,maker specialized in research ,development and production of inject cap mould compression cap mould PET perform mould thin wall packaging mouldcommodity mould etc .the caps are widely applied in food package series daily necessities chemical industries  agriculture medical package series 

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We are famous Lotion pump mould maker, manufacturers, and suppliers in China. Products are widely used in food packaging, daily packaging, chemical packaging, agricultural packaging, medical packaging and other industries. We help customer design Lotion pump mould, manufacturing which fully reflects the continuous innovation tech. OEM/ODM production & service offered. Better Solution at Liangdian Mould.

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Specializing in R&D, production and manufacturing of injection cap moulds, capping moulds, preform moulds, thin-wall moulds, daily necessities moulds, etc. Cover mold products are widely used in food packaging, daily packaging, chemical packaging, agricultural packaging, medical packaging, etc.

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